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Where is My EAD? (SPEED ROUND) BRAD ANSWERS 50 Immigration Questions in Under 12 Minutes!

0:00 Why haven’t I received my work permit? 0:09 I’m a citizen filing an I-130 for my spouse. Can my spouse visit me in the U.S. while the green card application is pending? 0:27 My I-485 is pending 44 months. Should I file a mandamus act? 0:43 We filed an I-130 and I-485. We are currently waiting to be scheduled for our biometrics appointment. How long will it take to receive notice? 1:00 I received my GC, but it doesn’t have my middle name on it. Will I have any problems when traveling? 1:10 As of March 2019, my I-485 was ready for an interview, but I haven’t gotten any snail mail regarding this. 1:24 My significant other is in Jamaica and we plan to get married in August. How do we go about the immigration process? 1:34 Is USCIS closing their office in the Philippines? My fiancé was scheduled on May 30th for an interview. 1:48 Are you supposed to get your EAD before the interview? 1:58 After receiving my certificate of naturalization, when can I sponsor my parents? 2:08 My spouse and I have a dual income of more than $70,000 a year. Does our salary meet affidavit requirements? 2:12 My GC holder spouse and I got married abroad. I applied for a visitor’s visa, which was approved. Can we get remarried while in the U.S.? 2:31 My cousin overstayed his visa. Will the gov. know? 2:47 If I live with a relative do I have to include that relative on my affidavit support when sponsoring my spouse? 2:55 Can one with a pending I-130 filed in April 2018 transfer the case to the F-2A category? 3:27 I’ve been unemployed for 5years with no income. Will this be a problem during my green card interview? 3:47 NVC informed me that in March they stopped processing my case due to an overflow. How long will it take it for NVC to restart my case? 4:18 Can I stay outside the U.S. for 6 months with a one year visa stamp on my passport? 4:25 My spouse filed an I-130 for me last year in April. All we received back is a number. Should we have received anything else in the mail? 4:41 I filed the N-400 form more than five years ago. My spouse’s divorce was not disclosed on his H-4 form and AOS. Can he amend during the interview to prevent a denial of the N-400? 5:07 I’m on a tourist visa for the last 4 months. If I wanted to find a company that would sponsor me, can I file the application in the U.S.? Or, would I have to go home to do so? And is the fact that I didn’t get a stamp in my passport when I arrived a problem? 5:26 Can you use your home as an asset for the affidavit support? 5:37 What happens if you fail the citizenship test three times? 5:45 What makes a strong I-601 waiver? 6:09 My asylum case is before court in California. I am married to a US citizen. We have a child together. How do we get my green card through marriage? 6:18 The application for my parent and child was denied. Can I put in an I-130 for my parents in the meantime? 6:28 My spouse was petitioned by his U.S. citizen parent when he was 18-years-old. He was denied due to medical reasons. Will that be asked during the N-400 interview? 6:47 Can you drive with your international driver's license and your I-130 petition receipt notice in case you’re pulled over by the police? 6:59 How long will it take for my I-485 , I-765 and my I-131 renewals to get approved? 7:25 My VAWA application and advance parole were approved. Can I travel before my interview? 7:55 Do I qualify for FAFSA if I have a pending adjustment of status? 8:10 NVC reached August of 2014. What does that mean for my waiting time? 8:31 We’re trying to adopt a child before the child’s 16th birthday. Can you help? 8:57 How can you prove a bona fide marriage if you and your spouse don’t currently live together in the U.S.? 9:18 My husband won't sponsor me. How do I get a green card? 9:28 Can I divorce my wife while i’m outside the U.S.? 9:38 How long does it take for a U.S. citizen child to file for parents in Jamaica? 9:46 How long does it take for a child to file for his parents? 9:52 I filed an I-601A waiver four months ago and did not hear from USCIS. 9:57 How long will the green card process take if my green card holder spouse files for me? 10:08 How long would it take for a green card holder to file for his/her spouse in Jamaica? 10:16 Do I qualify as a Youthful Offender? 10:28 After I completed my biometrics, I got divorced. What should I do? 10:33 My spouse and I are applying for EB3 Visas. What do we need to bring to the interview? 10:44 My green card was recently extended 18-months. Can I travel out of the country without any problems? 10:52 NVC said reached processing time of August 2014. Please explain. 11:12 Can a Mandamus Act be filed for an applicant that’s living outside the U.S.? 11:19 My 13-year-old niece went to the embassy and was denied for a third time. Why can't we appeal? 11:39 If a divorce happened before getting the green card on a K-1 visa, what happens? 11:46 How long will it take for the I-130 to be approved for a U.S. citizen filing for spouse?

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