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Who is eligible for a hardship waiver? #IMMIGRATIONADVICE @BradShowLive #WebSeries

LIVE: 5.12.2020 (00:10) My case was denied due to misrepresentation regarding fraud. How will this affect my spouse’s #immigrationcase? (00:21) Who is eligible for a hardship waiver? (00:31) Is #Coronavirus considered an exceptional and unusual hardship? (01:43) I have a friend that got married to a U.S. veteran, who is on Medicaid and food stamps. Can he still file for his new wife? (02:11) How do we know if we pass our #Stokes interview or not? (02:59) Is it too late to file a #VAWA ? (03:09) Can I convert my case to a waiver case? (03:27) My husband is adjusting my son’s status—do I select the box that says I’m the principal applicant or derivative applicant? (03:47) What is the difference between a principal applicant and a derivative applicant? (03:55) Is it possible for me to receive my #workpermit in 4-6 months, if my wife is a green card holder? (04:10) I filed for my daughter in February 2016, and her priority date is February 25, 2016, how much longer will it take for her to get here? (04:27) My husband and I had our scheduled interview canceled, due to the #coronaviruspandemic and most states mandating quarantine. What will happen now? (05:05) My spouse and I have been waiting for much longer than 120-days to receive an update since our USCIS interview. Can we file a mandamus? (05:25) What documents do I need to send to USCIS when renewing my EAD and my Advanced Parole? (06:04) Will the National Visa Center continue to process a child filing for a parents or will that be halted until the ban is lifted? (06:15) Can I file for a cancellation of removal if I have received a letter of deportation? (06:31) What are the qualifications for cancellation of removal? (08:26) I had my EB2 interview in February but have heard nothing since. What do I do? (10:32) When renewing my EAD combo card, how many passport sized photos do I need to include with the application? (10:57) If my wife is on Section 8 but my affidavit of support earns enough to assist the both of us, can she still petition for us? (11:00) How long does it take to get a combo card? (11:30) I’m LPR and recently applied for advanced premium tax credit through Obamacare. If I sponsor my child who is under 21-years-old, will that be considered a public charge? (12:23) I’m over 21-years-old now but my mom filed for me a few years ago. How do I know what visa category I fall under? (12:32) What does ‘final action’ mean in regard to family sponsored preference cases, filing family sponsored visas? (12:58) I’m filing my I-751 next month, and just realized my wife’s W2 forms incorrectly state she is single, but our IRS paperwork has been filing jointly. Will this W2 error cause a issue with her visa? (13:13) What does USCIS administrative processing mean? (13:27) If I already have my social security number and work permit, but I am getting a divorced, can I still proceed accordingly with my green card interview? (13:41) If my friend has overstayed for more than three years, is there anything she can do to course correct and forge a path towards U.S. citizenship? (14:03) Its been 8-months since I filed I-130 for my spouse who is currently overseas. She is 5-months pregnant. Is there anyway to expedite her cased as she has a doctor here in the U.S. and was always supposed to give birth here? (15:14) Is the White House planning to extend the (current) 60-day #immigrationban? (16:35) If a baby overstayed her B1/B2 visa by a year. If she leaves now, will she ever be able to come back given she is already currently out of status? (17:40) If I am a J1 visa holder, what options do I have in regarding to finding a way for myself and my family to stay here in the U.S.? (17:50) How can I get a green card for myself and my family? (18:10) In regard to my immigrant visa, happens to my feels if the visa suspension continues long past the date the payments were initially made? (18:48) I am married but filed my taxes as single because at the time of filing, my wife didn’t not have social security yet. How will this be handled at our interview? (20:03) My father filed an I-130 for me, over 21-years-old, currently on LPR status. The State Dept. wrote to us telling me I can enter through Cuban Haitian program—so my dad went ahead and paid my wife and children to enter under such program. Now, USCIS has denied their adjustments. How can I appeal? . Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Call us for HELP NOW!| *USA*: 1-800-529-5465|*INT:*| 1-212-227-8933 | WEBSITE: Book Immigration Consultation with Brad Bernstein for Legal Consultation NOW! Book an Immigration consultation with our immigration lawyer NOW! SOCIAL MEDIA Visit BradShowLive Facebook Follow Brad Show Live Instagram

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