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Category Archives: Personal Injury and Construction Accidents

Spar & Bernstein P.C. Personal Injury Attorney Wins Client Maximum Money For Accident Case

NEW YORK — Struck by another car while driving, a 52-year-old taxi driver sustained several injuries and couldn’t perform his regular work duties. Suffering from Lumbar and Cervical herniations and bulges, the taxi-driver contacted New York City personal injury attorney Moshe Borukh, who settled the case in arbitration for the maximum award pursuant to the…
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Free Construction Accident Consultation NYC

Benefits of Getting in Touch With a Construction Site Accident Lawyer NYC Working under perilous conditions is habitual activity for construction site workers. Among scaffolding and climbing ladders, handling dangerous equipment such as, power tools, trenches, forklifts, can result in serious injury or death. Accidents can potentially even cause individuals to become unproductive or immobile…
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