U.S. Citizenship Criteria

U.S. Citizenship

American Citizenship is the highest legal status granted to those who live in the U.S. There are two ways to get citizenship status: to become a citizen by birth, or by applying for U.S. citizenship after birth. U.S. citizenship provides you with rights and freedoms, but it also involves many responsibilities as well.

The United States embraces immigrants from different parts of the world and appreciates their contributions towards the nation. If you decide to become a U.S. citizen, you will need to show your commitment and loyalty to its constitution. In return, the country will offer you all the privileges and rights that are a part of U.S. citizenship.

US Citizenship at Birth

You are eligible for US citizenship at the time of your birth if you satisfy the below-mentioned criteria.

  • Born in the United States or certain territories, which are subjected to the jurisdiction of the U.S.


  • If your parents are U.S. citizens at the time of your birth


By satisfying to any of the above criteria, you are eligible to obtain U.S. citizenship at your birth.

US Citizenship after Birth

There are two ways through which you can obtain American citizenship and can enjoy lawful permanent residency in the U.S.

  • Citizenship through parents – If any one of your parents is a U.S. citizen, you are eligible to apply for acquisition of American citizenship after your birth. But applying before the age of 18 is required, or else the acquisition request will be discarded. In case of complications, please consult our experienced attorneys before initiating the procedure.
  • Citizenship through Naturalization – If you fulfill the criteria of Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), you are eligible to apply for American citizenship through Naturalization. Two things are mandatory for the Naturalization process, you are at least 18 and have been a permanent resident of the US.


You can also obtain American citizenship through special Naturalization provisions for Military Personnel & Family members. For more information about US citizenship and eligibility feel free to call us at 1-800-529-5465.

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