G-1256, Interpreted USCIS Interview Declaration

G-1256, Declaration for Interpreted USCIS Interview

This Form needs to be filed before the interview has taken place by the interviewing officer. You and the interpreter must sign the form when the interpreter is confirmed, and the information has been told to the interviewee. This form will be used by the interviewing officer to record the presence of an interpreter that is presented with you for your USCIS interview, to register your satisfaction with the interpreter’s ability to translate. The interviewing officer will also acknowledge that your interpreter will learn secret information during the time of interview you and to ensure that the interpreter understands the terms to serve as an interpreter. The interviewing officer also has the power to refuse permission for the interpreter to participate in the interview.  Form G-1256 must be completed if you intend to provide an interpreter to help you because you are scheduled for an interview and are entitled to bring an interpreter to your interview with USCIS.

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