N-336, Request USCIS Hearing on Decision of Naturalization Proceedings

In case the Form N-400 gets rejected, the Form N-336 is used to request for a hearing on a decision in Naturalization proceedings, to appeal a hearing before an immigration officer on the denial of your Form N-400, the application for Naturalization. An applicant or the person that represent the applicant might request a USCIS hearing before an officer on the disapproval of the applicant’s naturalization application. In this case the applicant or the person that represent he/she must file the inquiry with USCIS within 30 days after the received notice of disapproval. You have to send your request for a hearing (Form N-336) within 30 calendar days after the received decision about the denial of your form N-400. The USCIS will not approve (reject) your appeal if it is not filed in time and not refund the filing fee because the Form N-336 was rejected for that reason. If, after all, your request for a hearing is not filed in time but it does live up to the requirement for points and authorities to reopen or points and authorities to reconsider the case, USCIS will issue a decision in this case.

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