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Alette - Spar & Bernstein Success Stories
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This radiant woman is named Alette Hill. Her husband came to Spar & Bernstein with the dream of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States. After his legal team at Spar & Bernstein successfully accomplished this goal, Alette retained our services in hopes of getting a green card.

When Mr. Hill originally brought his wife to our office he was nervous. He felt that there would be stringent guidelines and red tape to prevent him from sponsoring her for a green card, and the mountain of paperwork looming over the application process seemed daunting. Fortunately, the complicated process of filing for his wife became much simpler after Rebecca Lenetsky guided him through the naturalization process, and took over the process of filing for his wife’s green card. This story ends with Alette’s heartwarming smile after successfully obtaining her green card through her husband and Spar and Bernstein!