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Barrington - Spar & Bernstein Client
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CONGRATULATIONS: FIGHTING FOR OUR CLIENTS IN A IMMIGRATION RELATED FEDERAL LAW SUIT – When our client Barrington came to us, he was already turned down for his green card in 1991 because of two driving under the influence of alcohol arrests dating back to the 1980’s. We filed an adjustment application for him through his marriage to his US Citizen wife, yet our application that our office prepared for him met the same fate as his prior applications: a denial for poor moral character from alcohol related incidences that occurred more than 30 years ago. Clean and Sober for 25 years, with the help of an awesome lead immigration attorney Shannon Laguerre-Maingrette and her paralegal Wanda Benites, our Firm filed a federal law suit under the Administrative Procedures Act against the Department of Homeland Security challenging their denial as a violation of their own rules, regulations and procedures. Within months of our federal law suit, Barrington was issued his green card. Case won! At Spar & Bernstein, we don’t give up easily and we are especially pleased to have “righted” 25 years of frustration by our client in his dealings with the Department of Homeland Security. Pictured is myself (Brad Bernstein) with Barrington, and my amazing legal team of Shannon and Wanda.

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