Our client Mr. Blake, is a wonderful and caring father of five children. He works day in and out to ensure that his children, three in the United States and two in Jamaica, are properly supported. Unfortunately, Mr. Blake was taken advantage of resulting in a severe immigration situation where he was left to fend for himself with an expiring green card. Throughout this difficult period in his life he stayed true to his character and continued to abide by his generous and affectionate ways, being a good father and an honest gentleman. He made sure to pass this idealism to his children while also instilling a strong work ethic and stressing the importance of education. Mr. Blake has never been arrested and throughout his time in America has respected the laws of the country by abiding to the rules of immigration. He can now breathe a sigh of relief. He just obtained his lawful permanent resident card. And oh, is he a happy man. Pictured is Brad Bernstein, Immigration Attorney Marina Brakefield and Mr. Blake. Marina fought hard for Mr Blake and he was thrilled to to take a picture with us upon the granting of his lawful resident status.

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