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Elton came to the United States from Jamaica in 1983. He got his green card. Started a family. Lived the “American Dream”. But he made one mistake : he was arrested and convicted in 1993 of a New York drug conviction. Unfortunately, 24 years later ICE decided to put him in deportation for a crime that happened more than two decades ago despite him living an exemplary and law abiding life since his arrest. When Elton came to the Law Offices of Spar and Bernstein, he was going to lose his family, his friends, and his future retirement in America. He was already punished for his crime and now 24 years later the government was looking to punish him a second time. Elton’s good life was now looking bleak. But we put a plan together to re-open his 1993 criminal proceedings and after extensive motion practice, we were finally able to convince the district attorney’s office to dismiss his misdemeanor drug conviction and replace it with a disorderly conduct violation which is neither a criminal offense or a deportable crime. Now Elton is free to live in America. Although we don’t condone drug activity, we are happy that Elton gets a second chance in America to be with his family, live in peace and put his 24-year nightmare behind him. He says he now wants to become a United States Citizen. Pictured with Elton is Brad Bernstein and Paul Hirsch who represented Elton in his re-opened criminal proceedings.