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Man Granted Green Card Despite Being Deportable

NEW YORK  — After 27 years of fearing deportation and separation from his family, New York City immigration attorney Nicole Abruzzo Hemrick successfully obtained her client a green card.

The client, who wished to remain anonymous, came to the United States decades ago on a visa.

In addition to his visa expiring, he encountered several problems that substantially set him back from obtaining legal permanent status.

Setting out to acquire legal status, the client initially sought assistance from an attorney that had been recommended to him, Hemrick said on Brad Show Live.

“It turned out the recommended person was not an attorney, and had a filed a fake asylum claim for him back in the 90s,” she explained of the chaotic situation.

“Beyond the fake asylum claim, my client got into trouble,” Hemrick added. A friend asked my client as a favor to cash a check, which turned out to be fraudulent.

Ultimately seeking Spar & Bernstein P.C. for immigration help, Hemrick’s client is now living his American Dream.

Since that fraudulent incident, “my client had been a law abiding person, showing rehabilitation and contrition,” Hemrick said.

Immediately filing two waivers and fighting for his legal status before an immigration officer, Hemrick’s client was granted a green card.

“If I had gotten deported, my family could not have survived,” the client said over the phone on Brad Show Live.

“My wife is very sickly, and I have an autistic son,” he added, “they could not have done it alone.”

“Having this card makes me feel like I have my life back,” the client excitedly voiced on Brad Show Live. “It makes me feel so good.”

To see more of how Hemrick saved her client from deportation, watch below.

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