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Granville & Janet Wallace
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Granville & Janet Wallace

They say true love has no boundaries and this story is a testament to that!

Granville and Janet Wallace were married in 1974 in Jamaica, where they had two beautiful sons. In 1991 Mr. Wallace traveled to the United States, but was unfortunately unable to return home due to issues with his Visa. A devout man, Mr. Wallace’s church petitioned for him and although he waited patiently for the approval of his religious worker petition, it never came through. Truly committed to their relationship, his wife would travel back and forth to visit him in the States via a visitor’s visa and they maintained a long distance relationship. Mrs. Wallace’s brother, a United State’s citizen, petitioned for her in 2002, however in 2009 her application to renew her visitor’s visa was denied. This presented quite an obstacle, as she was now unable to visit her husband at all. It was a difficult and lonely time for the loyal couple, yet they never gave up! This brought them to our services for consultation where we renewed their hope for a long over-due reunion. Thankfully, in September of 2015 Mrs. Wallace was admitted to the United States as a Lawful Permanent Resident. We filed applications for her husband to derive status from his brother-in-law’s I-130 and through the religious worker petition; we were able to grandfather him. On September of 2016, Mr. Wallace was granted his green card and as you can see they’re happy to have chosen Spar & Bernstein!

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