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How Much Is A Slip & Fall Case Worth In New York? Legal Insights

Wondering “How much is a slip and fall case worth in New York?” This question is essential if you are seeking justice and fair compensation after an accident.

This article breaks down the crucial elements that affect your case’s worth, shares the types of damages you may seek and explains how working with a reputable law firm like Spar & Bernstein can maximize your compensation.

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Bradford H. Bernstein

This article was written and reviewed by Bradford H. Bernstein, a second-generation leader at Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein, P.C., who has helped over 100,000 clients with immigration and personal injury issues. Brad joined the firm in 1993, became a partner in 1997, and assumed leadership in 2000 after Harry Spar retired.


How Much Is A Slip & Fall Case Worth In New York?

The worth of a slip and fall case in New York can vary greatly, spanning from modest settlements to substantial compensation packages.

For example:

Settlements for minor injuries, such as sprains and minor fractures, can range from a few thousand dollars to around $100,000.

Cases involving moderate injuries, such as serious fractures or conditions that require surgery, can range from $50,000 to $500,000.

Settlements for severe injuries, such as permanent disability and severe brain trauma, can exceed $100,000 and reach millions — especially if there are substantial long-term impacts on the injured person’s life.

The Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein have helped victims of premises accidents, including slip and falls, for more than six decades.

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Depending on your slip and fall case details, the compensation for your injuries may range from a few thousand dollars to several millions​

What Determines The Worth Of A Slip & Fall Case

Accurately valuing a slip and fall case requires a detailed assessment of various factors:

Degree Of Fault

New York follows a pure comparative negligence rule, which means that your compensation can be reduced by the percentage of your fault — for example, if you ignored warning signs or texted on your phone while walking and failed to notice the hazard.

This means that if the court finds you 20% responsible for the slip and fall, your compensation will be reduced by 20%.

Severity Of Your Injuries

More serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation, or result in long-term disabilities typically lead to higher compensation.

This includes both immediate medical costs and anticipated future medical expenses.

How Your Injuries Affect Your Life

Severe disruptions in your ability to perform daily activities, enjoy hobbies, and maintain relationships can increase the compensation amount.

For example, if you are a professional runner or musician, a slip and fall accident can both cause physical pain and put an end to your career, robbing you of your lifelong passion. In this case, you can pursue higher compensation.

The Time You Can’t Go To Work

Lost wages due to your inability can lead to a higher settlement amount.

This includes the period of recovery and any future loss of earning capacity if your injuries prevent you from returning to your previous employment or working in the same capacity.

For example, if you are an experienced construction worker who, following a slip and fall incident, suffers a debilitating back injury that forces you to retire early, significantly reducing their future earning potential, you may seek higher compensation.

The Need For Household Help & Home Modifications

If your injuries do not allow you to perform daily household tasks and you need to hire additional help, these costs can be included in the compensation.

This can include hiring assistance for cleaning, cooking, childcare, and other daily chores.

You might also receive higher compensation for necessary home adjustments, such as installing ramps and handrails, to meet your mobility limitations after the accident.

The Evidence You Have To Support Your Claim

Strong, clear evidence can significantly increase the likelihood of a higher settlement or favorable court verdict.

This includes medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and any photographic or video evidence of the scene where the slip and fall occurred.

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Various factors can affect your slip and fall case’s worth, from severity of your injuries to the evidence that can support your claim​

What Types Of Compensation Can You Seek After A Slip & Fall Accident?

The types of compensation you can seek after a slip and fall accident in New York depend on the specific needs and impacts this incident has had on your life.

You can pursue damages for:

  • Medical and health-related costs, including immediate medical expenses, ongoing medical care and future medical costs
  • Lost wages, including compensation for the income lost during the recovery period, loss of future earnings and loss of employment benefits
  • Non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life

How Working With A Lawyer Can Increase Your Slip & Fall Case Worth

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer for your slip and fall accident ensures all aspects of your case are handled correctly and efficiently, from filing paperwork to meeting deadlines and complying with court procedures

Read more on how long you have to report a slip and fall and how to sue for slip and fall.

A skilled premise accident lawyer can accurately evaluate the full extent of your damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future costs, and pursue fair compensation to fully address the impact of your injury.

As adept negotiators, lawyers can effectively communicate with insurance companies and at-fault parties. They can advocate for a higher settlement by presenting a compelling case supported by strong evidence, ensuring that the initial offers are increased to reflect the true value of your claim.

Were You Injured In A Slip & Fall Accident? Contact Spar & Bernstein

At Spar & Bernstein, we combine legal knowledge and experience with an empathetic approach to provide professional and compassionate support in the slip and fall aftermath.

We take the time to listen to your story, understand your specific situation and find the best way to address it.

Our attorneys identify the parties that can be held liable for your slip and fall, assess their degree of fault, gather evidence and file all needed legal documents within the applicable statute of limitations.

We collaborate with medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists, and other professionals to strengthen your case, and communicate with the insurance companies to get a maximum settlement for your injuries.

After a settlement is signed, we provide ongoing support to address any legal issues that may arise, ensuring you receive the full benefits of your compensation.

If the suggested amount is not satisfactory, we take your case to trial, developing a legal strategy, preparing witnesses, and organizing evidence.

Our goal is to alleviate your stress and provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on healing and moving forward.

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How Much Can You Get For A Slip & Fall In New York? FAQs

If you want to know more about the worth of a slip and fall case in New Yor, check out more valuable insights on this topic in the section below.

Can I pursue future medical expenses in my slip and fall settlement?

Yes, if your slip and fall injuries require ongoing medical treatment or future surgeries, you can claim compensation for anticipated future medical expenses.

What impact does going to trial have on the potential compensation in a slip and fall case?

Going to trial can result in higher compensation if the verdict is favorable. However, it also involves a longer timeline compared to settling out of court. Our experienced lawyers at Spar & Bernstein will review your case details, explain your options and recommend the best strategy for seeking fair compensation.

Can punitive damages be awarded in slip and fall cases?

Punitive damages are rare in slip and fall cases but may be awarded if the defendant’s conduct was particularly reckless.

How can the type of property where the fall occurred affect the slip and fall case value?

The type of property, whether commercial, residential, or public can affect the case value due to differences in liability, insurance coverage, and safety standards.

How do medical expert testimonies influence the compensation amount?

Medical expert testimonies can provide authoritative insights into the extent and impact of your injuries, supporting your case and leading to higher compensation.

What role do eyewitnesses play in determining a slip and fall settlement?

Eyewitnesses can provide crucial third-party accounts of the slip and fall incident, supporting your version of events and potentially increasing the settlement amount.

Can I use video surveillance footage as evidence in my slip and fall case?

Yes, video surveillance footage can provide clear evidence of the conditions that led to your fall and the incident itself, strengthening your case.

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