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Our client Idris fled his home country of Sierre Leone due to violence. He came to the United States, and he became a lawful permanent resident of the US in 1978. He worked hard. He paid taxes. He married and started a family. In 1980, his wife who he loves with all his heart was viciously attacked. In the process of coming to the rescue of his wife, the law says “he went to far” and became the “aggressor “. It was very understandable given the circumstances surrounding the defense of his wife. Yet he was prosecuted and pled guilty to an assault, a crime if he did not commit, could have ended very differently for his wife. Afterward, he lost many family members in Sierre Leone and he was never able to travel to mourn because of this one incident in the 1980s where he was defending his wife. After immigration denied his citizenship on several occasions, and threatened deportation, he came to us as a last resort. After a long fight, justice was finally served and a few days ago Idris was sworn in as United States citizen. It was a long road of more than 30 years. As Idris told me in the office “I rolled the dice and I finally won”. Pictured is myself, Idris our newly minted United States Citizen, and Marina Brakefield who represented and fought for Idris before the Immigration Services.

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