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Meet Brad Bernstein, the Lawyer Dedicated to Helping Immigrants in America

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The United States has long been one of the most popular destinations for people seeking opportunities. However, recent political events have cast doubt on their futures here. In recent years, immigration has been one of the most debated topics, with many people across the political divide arguing about what should be done with illegal immigrant populations. The law is constantly changing in this area, but the general public often has difficulty understanding the nuances of this complex issue. For those without resources, seeking legal counsel may be expensive and stressful as they worry about their futures in America. The need for immigration lawyers is not just to help with the law but also to be a voice of hope and reassurance in this time of turmoil. Immigration lawyer Brad Bernstein has been doing both for over 20 years.

Throughout his career, Bernstein has made himself accessible to immigrants and the American people to help them keep up with all the changes in the legal system. The President and Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein, P.C. in New York City, Bernstein has helped people navigate complicated US immigration laws for over 20 years. He has helped them obtain green cards for themselves and their families, provided essential help to those receiving their United States citizenship, prevented deportations, and counseled corporations to secure temporary and permanent work visas for their employees. Bernstein has also ensured that investors could enter and stay in the US, with both immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, to supervise their substantial investments.

Over the years, Bernstein has brainstormed unique ways to solve problems. His dedication to helping the immigrant community is epitomized by his drive to use more than 20 years of legal expertise in the form of pro bono consultations. Outside the courtroom, he hosts an award-winning two-hour digital broadcast, Brad Show Live, where he offers sound advice that anyone can understand on how to get citizenship. He also shares the best routes for immigrants looking to become permanent US residents and offers invaluable tips to increase their chances of success with their applications. Every day, Bernstein offers effective counsel to underserved communities that would not typically have access to legal assistance and helps them make significant strides toward achieving their American dream.

Brad Show Live is not just for immigrants but for the American people as well. By fusing entertainment and humor with knowledge, help, and action, Brad Show Live has become a platform that not only shines a positive light on the hands and minds of those who shape America but also fills a gap in current legal practices. The show tackles the nuances of integrating into the American lifestyle and profiles immigrants and refugees who defy negative media images.

As a lawyer, Bernstein takes every available moment to educate and solve complex immigration problems in person and on Brad Show Live. His sincerity and passion shine through in his interactions with the audience, and many callers eventually turn to him for legal counsel, especially after bad experiences elsewhere. Some clients come to Bernstein for second, third, or even fourth opinions, and he helps them overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Bernstein’s dream is to expand his media practice and scale to a point where he can educate, assist, and entertain an even larger audience in the realms of immigration, law, news, and politics.

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