Pictured here in blue is our client Renae Love, who is a premier example of how patience can be bitter, but the fruit very sweet. Ms. Love met her husband in Jamaica before the two moved to Arizona where they were married, had a son, and lived together for a few years. Unfortunately the relationship did not last and oil was thrown on the fire when her ex-husband began painting Renae in a bad light with his actions. This only served to aggravate the already difficult task of granting her a 10 year/permanent green card. Her case was an arduous and time consuming process. Marina Brakefield, recognizing that the case was at risk of being prolonged even further, took the initiative and enlisted the assistance of congressional resources to expedite the process. She was successful in acquiring the 10 year green card as well as a divorce waiver for our client. On top of this, her son was granted a green card as well! Renae and her friends, who are fans of Brad’s LawLink program, came in to show their appreciation and as you can see, were very happy with the results.

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