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Ruben, who was born in Mexico, came to America when he was a child in the 1990’s. A “coyote” brought him across the border without inspection. When he became an adult, he married Rosalba, a U.S. citizen who honorably served in the U.S. Coast Guard. Soon after their marriage, their daughter was born and she is now serving honorably in the U.S. Navy. In fact, Rosalba comes from a long line of family who served and protected America. Rosalba’s brother is honorably serving in the U.S. Marines. So is Rosalba’s son, who is also honorably serving in the U.S. Marines. And another one of Rosalba’s daughters is serving honorably in U.S. Air force.

Ruben and Rosalba purchased a home together in NY but Ruben could not obtain a green card because he entered without inspection and lived in the United States without status for years.

Rosalba and Ruben came to us in late 2013. We filed an I-130 visa petition for him. And, upon approval of the I-130, our firm filed an I-601 state-side provisional waiver for him, based on extreme and unusual hardship to his family. The waiver was approved which allowed Ruben to return to Mexico without penalty to obtain his green card.

Ruben has since returned to the United States with his green card. Now that his immigration status has been resolved, he and his wife will open up a Mexican style restaurant in North Carolina that will be employing plenty of United States workers. So much for the theory that immigrants (even the ones who enter without inspection) do not contribute to America!

Pictured with me is Ruben, Rosalba, myself and Mercedes and Myola, two of our wonderful staff members who contributed to this success story.

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