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Rylan - Spar & Bernstein Client
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Our client Rylan has been a permanent resident of the United States for as long as he could remember. Many moons ago, he lost his passport and his green card. But “back in the day”, Rylan had some “run-in’s” with the law and for more than a decade he was petrified to try to replace his green card and his passport for fear of deportation. We researched his court records and counseled Rylan that all of his offenses were either dismissed or petty and did not rise to the level of a deportable offense. After being terrified to replace his green card for more than 10 years, we gave Rylan the courage to do that with the assurance that all will be ok. The day I took the picture with him, he got his green card replaced in the mail and he literally danced into our office to let us know.

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