The enthusiastic Spar & Bernstein client at the center of this photo is Wilston Worrie, a native of Jamaica who originally came to the United States on a crewmen’s visa. The nature of this visa does not allow anyone to adjust their status if they desire to stay in America past the duration of their visa. When Wilston’s visa expired, he was placed under an order of removal and came to the law offices of Spar & Bernstein in search of options because he desperately wanted to remain with his wife in the United States. Once Wilston retained the services of one of our attorneys, Rebecca Lenetsky, and her paralegal, Mercedes Valerio, his circumstances drastically changed before his very eyes.

Wilston’s legal team from Spar & Bernstein successfully challenged the government’s order of removal and proved that his wife would experience hardship if he was removed from the country. Rebecca and Mercedes worked with Wilston’s wife, a green card holder, to have her file on his behalf. He soon found himself on a plane to Jamaica, but instead of being permanently removed from the United States, he was on his way to the consulate to obtain a new visa. After receiving the visa, he legally returned to the United States and came to our office to share his joy and a thumbs-up!

(Pictured from left to right: Rebecca Lenetsky, managing attorney; Mercedes Valerio, paralegal; Wilston Worrie, client; and Brad Bernstein, president.)

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