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When Yasmine came to us in 2013, she was already a lawful resident of the United States. But Yasmine’s daughter, Kameria, who entered the United States as a little child, had no status. We went into action. We immediately filed a I-130 visa petition for Kameria. In order to get a green card, an application has to go into USCIS, even if the petitioner is a lawful resident. We simultaneously also applied for Deferred Action (DACA) for Kameria, which provided her with a work permit and travel permission. We also applied and help to obtain Yasmin’s citizenship. But, Kameria still had a problem! Since she entered without inspection, she was barred even a minor from adjusting her status. So we had Kameria travel home with her advance parole travel document which we obtained for her and re-eneter the Untied states with inspection. Now she can adjust. And that is what she did getting her green card this year. Pictured is Yasmine with Kameria little brother who luckily was born in the United States and did not have to struggle like Yasmine and Kameria.

Yasmine was more than proud to take a picture with us and show her gratitude. She is a citizen and her daughter is a lawful resident. We wish her whole family the best for the future.

Another happy client and success story.

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