Gunman Stopped by School Bookkeeper

A gunman was threatening to shoot up a school in Georgia attended by 870 children – when the words of the school bookkeeper stopped him from doing so.

Not knowing her words were influencing the man with the rifle, Antoinette Tuff divulged to him her own life’s troubles. Revealing her own dark past, which included Tuff’s husband of 33-years leaving her and consequently leaving her in massive debt. These were the stories she told to the gunman before he let go of his weapon and began to pray to god.

When the police arrived to the scene, the gunman was subsequently arrested.

After preventing what could have been another school massacre, Tuff started a nonprofit mentoring program for children, “Kids on the Move for Success.” The organization offers several community and religious oriented programs that empower students and underserved youth.

To hear Tuff’s insight on her experience and nonprofit, watch the full interview below.

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