Colombian-American Women’s World Cup Soccer Player and Olympian Puts Career on Pause

Melissa Ortiz grew up playing soccer with her two brothers and their friends outside in the backyard. At a young age, she developed a great talent for the sport which flourished into a ten year long professional career.

While in college, Ortiz landed a highly coveted spot on the Colombia Women’s National Team. The team later went on to qualify twice at the FIFA Women’s World Cups; Germany in 2011 and Canada in 2015. Ortiz also witnessed her team make Olympic history in 2016 when they became the first Colombian women’s soccer team to ever qualify.

After a decade of hard work, injuries, and humbling moments, Ortiz recently put her soccer career on pause in order to financially support herself, she said in an interview on Brad Show Live.

Despite international athletic recognition, Ortiz struggled to pay her bills throughout her professional soccer career; often resorting to coaching to supplement her income, she said.

The U.S. women’s national soccer team are not the only female athletes presently fighting for higher pay. In Colombia, “we are just trying to get paid,” Ortiz said.

Now working full time at a family business, Ortiz is focused on building a safer financial future for herself. Aside from working full time, Ortiz said she has two entrepreneurial pursuits that are currently in the works.

To hear more about Ortiz’s story and where she is headed, visit this link.

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