Long Citizenship Process

Overcoming Lengthy Citizenship Process, Dominican-American Family Thrived.

MIAMI  — Beauty influencer and news reporter, Carolina Peguero, would often see her Mother crying because of how long it was taking her to obtain her United States citizenship.

“My Dad had two jobs, and my Mom was working 16 hour days as a nurse,” Peguero told Ann Azcona on Brad Show Live. “The fees were so much.”

“We finally ended up moving to Ohio where my Mom received her citizenship within a year and a half of us” relocating, she said. The whole process “took 10 to 12 years, when it should have only taken five years after she became a resident.”

Now having been in America for 20 years, Peguero believes her family has achieved their American Dream.

“I am very proud of my parents, and how far as a family we’ve come,” she said to Azcona.

“Both my parents have their own business. My mom has a restaurant, and my Dad has a mechanic shop,” Peguero professed.

Grateful to be an American, Peguero cited her Dad having said “there is no way I would be able to have what I have if I continued to live in the little pueblo that I am from.”

To hear more of Peguero’s story, watch below.

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