Texans, Renew your DACA Before August 8!

Reyna Montoya the founder of Aliento - Renew your DACA | DACA News 2018


Aliento, an organization that supports undocumented youth, is proactively spreading awareness of a Texas court case that could potentially terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, commonly known as the DACA program.

The court case surrounds the “lawfulness” of the DACA program, and according to the National Immigration Law Center, a decision could come as soon as two weeks after the preliminary injunction hearing on August 8.

What is DACA and Who are the Dreamers

DACA was introduced in 2012 by the Obama Administration, which granted protection from deportation and work authorization to those brought into the United States as children. There are approximately 800,000 individuals in the United States that benefit from the Obama-era program.

In light of the program’s fate at stake, the Aliento organization is not only bringing awareness to the case’s potential ramifications, but the organization is encouraging those to renew their DACA applications prior to the start of the case.

Aliento was founded by fellow DACA recipient, Reyna Montoya, and it serves as a supportive platform for undocumented youth and children from mixed status families.

In the creation of the organization, Montoya was recognized as America’s top 30 business women by Forbes Magazine in the category of social media activism; and she joined Brad Show Live for an interview earlier this year to discuss her accomplishment. Catch the full interview below to hear Montoya’s own immigration story and the story behind her influential organization.


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