The Road to Acceptance and “Free Mom Hugs”

Sarah Cunningham - The Road to Acceptance and “Free Mom Hugs” - Brad Show Live

Photo Courtesy of Free Mom Hugs Facebook page

To embrace your child or not; this debate hovered over SARA for years like a swinging pendulum.

For a mother in Oklahoma bound to her Christian faith, the lingering question before her was draining. Should she love her son that defined himself as a homosexual? Or, should she ostracize him like the non-affirming Christian church she belonged to for 20-years?

Faced with this challenge, she spiralled into depression before she found answers written in education and experience. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Cunningham attended her first Pride parade in Oklahoma City with her son and husband, and hooked, the barriers that once stood tall, crumbled.

With lungs filled of acceptance, Cunningham left her previous church to become an ordained minister that now officiates same sex marriages at an affirming church. She is also the founder of “Free Mom Hugs,” an organization that supports, educates and advocates on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community.

Joining Brad Show Live to discuss her road to acceptance, love and now, activism, Cunningham details her raw feelings and emotions that led her to where she is today. Watch the full interview below.

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