Our client Clement, like many, entered the United States without inspection over 17 years ago.  As time passed Clement married his wife, a United States citizen; but because of the manner of his entry, he was unable to obtain Lawful Permanent Resident Status.  In 2013 he came to see us here at Spar & Bernstein. We assisted in having his wife to file a visa petition on his behalf, which upon being approved qualified him for a Provisional Waiver.   We filed his Provisional Waiver demonstrating, among other things, that he paid his taxes, that he was a law abiding citizen, and that he and his wife were the proud parents of two beautiful US Citizen children. Once Clement’s Provisional Waiver was approved we continued his case with the National Visa Center and scheduled him for an interview back in his home country of Nigeria.   On his way to Nigeria, I bumped into Clement coincidentally in the airport in Paris while we were both making connections to different parts of the world.  Clement recognized me and I promised him he should have no problems. And 3 weeks later Clement was able to re-enter the country with no issues and his immigrant visa as a lawful permanent resident. Clement now has his green card.   We want to thank Clement for putting his faith in Spar & Bernstein and allowing us to fight on his behalf!

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