Reduce Drug Charges

Spar & Bernstein P.C. Litigation Attorney Substantially Reduces Drug Charges For Client

NEW YORK  —  When a young man was approached by a woman who asked for drugs at a New York City music festival, the young man’s offering unexpectedly turned into an arrest five minutes later.

The undercover policewoman had unfairly entrapped my client into crime, New York City litigation attorney David Moreno said of the incident on Brad Show Live.

“Legitimately, my client would not have committed the crime without the policewoman’s actions,” Moreno explained.

Entrapment is an action by law enforcement that causes one to commit a crime, the attorney further stated.

Now faced with a possible sentence of one to three years in prison for possession of drugs and possession to distribute, Moreno effectively reduced his client’s charges to a disorderly conduct violation.

By arguing the circumstances to which his client was enticed, and by demonstrating his client’s moral character through his history of volunteerism, the criminal charges diminished.

Ultimately, the young man walked away with a $125 fee, and an order to spend seven days volunteering at the hospital bedside of cancer patients.

When you see criminal drug related charges, it makes one think “Pablo Escobar is on your hands,” Moreno said on Brad Show Live.

That was not this case at all, Moreno stressed. “My client was a young kid who had a lot going for him. He had a great educational background, and spent his time volunteering.”

“He didn’t even have one traffic infraction,” Moreno highlighted.

“I can speak at nauseum about this client’s character,” Moreno added. “And I am elated I got my client off the charges.”

To see more of how New York City litigation attorney prevented a young man from going to prison, watch below.

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