Spar & Bernstein P.C. Tax Attorney Offers Advice on Celebrity Rap Sheet

NEW YORK — Flava Flav and Mike The Situation take the spotlight on Brad Show Live- not for their televised appearances, but for their millions owed in taxes to the federal government.  

While Mike The Situation reportedly faces jail time on tax evasion for not declaring his annual income to the Internal Revenue Service, Flava Flav owes the IRS nearly $3.1 million in back taxes.

“Not declaring income to the IRS is a crime, but not paying taxes is a civil offense,” New York City tax attorney Carmela Walrond distinguished of the celebrities’ actions. And to fix the matter, the tax attorney said she would correct each matter differently.

For Mike The Situation’s criminal offense, “my advice would be to file all missing tax returns, and report his past income,” Walrond said.

However, for Flava Flav, whose property is being liened by the federal government,  “I would immediately file an Offer In Compromise application,” she said.

This application says to the IRS that Flava Flav’s income is less than his expenses, therefore he can’t afford to pay the taxes owed.  

“This action also demonstrates that he makes substantially less than he previously did,” she said, “and I would propose to settle the case with the IRS.”

Following the acceptance of the settlement, the agreed amount would be paid, and the lien removed.

Boasting her own success story of having filed an Offer In Compromise application on behalf of her own client, Walrond concluded she deflated her client’s debt from $45,000 to just $4,000.

To hear more of how Spar & Bernstein’s attorney would handle tax debt issues, watch the video below.To contact tax attorney Carmela Walrond of Spar & Bernstein P.C. call 1-800-529-5465. Attorney Advertisement. Prior successful results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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